Angelina Jolie opens up about divorce with Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie opens up about divorce with Brad Pitt


It was just a few days ago that Disney released the first-look poster for the upcoming Maleficent sequel featuring Angelina Jolie and she looks menacing with her enormous wings. In a recent interview with Entertainment Today, the actress opened up about her divorce with Brad Pitt and shared the real reason behind their split up.Talking about the many speculations regarding her divorce, Angelina said, “No relationship is ever just black-and-white, and while Brad and I have such different points of view regarding numerous matters, what lead to our divorce primarily were different ideas of how to bring our children up.”

She further went on to say that his addiction to alcohol was also a problem. “His addiction to alcohol was the reason why he lost many opportunities in Hollywood. He was even jealous because I wouldn’t let him promote my business. Nonetheless, he’s the father of my children and I don’t want to talk about it too much,” she shared, adding that she wanted the Keto Pure business to be her own from the very first day, which made her ex-husband feel rejected in a way.

As far as her upcoming movie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, is concerned, latest reports suggest that the movie’s official premiere will take place on October 19, 2019 instead of May 29, 2020


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